Los Angeles Puppy Training Classes & Canine Obedience Training School for Dogs

Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc.

2288 Manning Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90064
Established 1981

Instructor: Richard Polsky, Ph.D., CAAB.

Class dog lessons on Saturdays in West Los Angeles - Mar Vista Park & Palms Park

Head Start puppy & dog training classes in West Los Angeles

The Head Start puppy training classes have been ongong for over 25 yrs. on Saturdays in West LA.  Thousands of dogs and owners have successfully participated. Taught by Richard Polsky, Ph.D. You can be assured of competent instruction in a well-run training and socialization school for dogs
that produces good results!

Next class series begins: Saturday, December 3rd @ 9:45 am

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Course Description

     The Head Start puppy training program educates both the puppy and owner. This includes basic obedience training and other procedures needed to solve behavioral problems at home.


     During the classes, owners will be given feedback and individual instruction regarding the most appropriate training techniques for their puppy. Techniques chosen are based on the dog's temperament, the progress the dog is making, and the capabilities of the owner. Puppies and owners are treated as individuals.


     Each puppy is assumed to have a unique set of training needs and that owners differ in terms in terms of their handling skills and what they want to accomplish. The program functions to assist owners with whatever behavioral "challenges" their dog presents, and to provide instruction in basic obedience and behavioral counseling designed to meet the individual needs of both the dog and owner.


     Training methods involve physically positioning the puppy in the desired posture and then rewarding with social and verbal praise. Food treat training is not heavily used. Choke chains are not used. For some dogs, Gentle Leader head collars are recommended, particularly for larger, stronger puppies who pull when walked. Average class size varies between 6 - 12 puppies. Classes are held on Saturday mornings. Pre-registration required.

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     Written instructions explaining training techniques are provided at the time of registration. An individual training and behavioral counseling session with the instructor is available prior to the start of an owner's participation in the classes.


Key Features of the Head Start Puppy Training Program
Held in two convenient locations in WLA: Mar Vista Park and Palms Park;
Private training session prior to the start of classes;

Education and training for both the dog & owner;
Thousands of satisified owners and well-trained puppies;
Experienced instructor: Dr. Polsky has been teaching the classes since 1985;

No choke chains; training methods do not rely heavily on food treats;
All breeds welcome: Ages 10 weeks - 18 months.


Give your puppy the best education possible!
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