Los Angeles Puppy Training Classes & Canine Obedience Training School for Dogs

Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc.

2288 Manning Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90064
Established 1981

Instructor: Richard Polsky, Ph.D., CAAB.

Class dog lessons on Saturdays in West Los Angeles - Mar Vista Park & Palms Park

Why enroll in the Head Start puppy training
program ?



Why enroll? You can be assured of a well-run program which for 25 years has produced well-trained dogs and owners. The program is run by an experienced instructor who posseses a Ph.D in animal behavior.


The Head Start puppy training program contrast sharply with other group obedience training programs in the LA area, particularly classes run through pet stores. Compare the Head Start program to others, and the advantages of enrolling your puppy in the Head Start program should become clear.


As a responsible dog owner you need to appreciate that not all group dog training programs are similiar - all differ from each other in important aspects. Your choice therefore should be taken seriously because it could permanently impact the temperament and behavior of your dog, and the relationship you have with your dog, for its lifetime.


The advantages of the Head Start puppy training program are clear!


Give your puppy the best education possible!
Enroll today in the Head Start puppy training program!


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