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Concerns about using choke chains


The choke chain has a long tradition of being used in obedience training, but in recent times more effective and humane techniques have been developed. In the Head Start puppy training program choke chains are not used, for a number of reasons, which include the fact that they are difficult to employ correctly - that is a quick sudden jerk and release around the dog's neck - which many owners despite their best efforts cannot do properly. In addition, choke chains can cause serious medical problems. These problems are probably exacerbated when the dog is young, therefore it's important to avoid choking the dog around the neck under any circumstances whatsoever when the dog is a puppy. Those interested may refer to the PDF file link below which presents an article specifying the risks involved in the use of choke chains.


The choke chain - more than a correction? A chiropractor warns that vital damage my result



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