Los Angeles Puppy Training Classes & Canine Obedience Training School for Dogs

Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc.

2288 Manning Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90064
Established 1981

Instructor: Richard Polsky, Ph.D., CAAB.

Class dog lessons on Saturdays in West Los Angeles - Mar Vista Park & Palms Park

What past participants have to say about the Head Start puppy training classes!



"Thank you very much for the grad picture. This was a really great class and I will definitely keep you informed of Rudy's well-being"

Lanabel Josten, Los Angeles


"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom in helping us train Apollo. He's come a long way from when he strayed into our home! He's a part of the family and we're very proud of him. Thank you for the graduation photo-can't wait to show it off to family and friends! Thanks!!"

Tere Ramire, Los Angeles


"Jinx has blossomed under your training techniques. Having worked with you in the past with my previous dog, Chancey, I had great faith in your methods going into the class. I appreciate your consciencious supervision during class sessions, your attentiveness to the group dynamic, and your guidance in the practical application of these techniques to our everyday activities."

Alica Dobal, Los Angeles


"I felt comfortable with your training method. It was evident that we weren't just a group to you but individuals with pets that we love and that you obviously enjoy and love too. Thank you."

Charlee Johnson, Los Angeles


"I like the camaraderie of the class and I love the socialization and the repetition .... great class."

Peg Moline, Los Angeles


"Sarah and I wanted to thank you for everything during these past few weeks. We both really enjoyed coming to your classes and have seen a remarkable growth and improvement in BJ's behavior and skill."

Yuri and Sarah Hornsky, Los Angeles


"Charlie is doing very well on walks, so I'm quite pleased with his progress. He's also now great at the "go to your place" command, which I use in the kitchen when I'm getting dinner ready (he has a little mat), AND when people come to the door he goes to his "place" in the living room so people can come in and he's not there waiting at the door jumping up. So - things are going well and I've learned a lot from you. I really appreciate your guidance and support. THANK YOU!"

Bethany Rubin, Los Angeles


"I found the class is very helpful for me and for Cooper. I have never owned a dog before so I found your classes very educational."

Annabelle Gould, Venice


"Our goal was to see how well Hayley could socialize with other dogs. The exposure was excellent and we think she got along well."

Brenda and Harrison Ruttenberg, Los Angeles


"I and my Boo Boo enjoyed your classes. My Boo Boo has become a gentler dog now. Thanks for your help."

Kevin Lee, Los Angeles


"Thanks alot for the classes. We had alot of fun."

Rich and Paulina Velasco, Santa Monica


"I liked Tigger being around other dogs and learning to socialize while trying to behave. I believe it has helped him become calmer around other dogs."

Erin Elias, North Hollywood


" I liked the socialization with the other dogs, among the other lessons. Thank you!"

Kathye Petters, Los Angeles


" It worked! Great class - very successful for Shu mai."

Jenn Bregman, Los Angeles


"Just wanted to say 'Thank You' for the first two sessions. I see Jordon progressing with the commands and he is certainly easier to handle, especially when other dogs/people approach ..... Again, thank you for teaching me how to handle my dog."

Keith Arnold, Los Angeles


"Your classes exceeded our expectations. We have already recommended the classes to three other people."

Kris and Jeff Linehan, Los Angeles


"Great class! Kiwi and I really enjoyed the methods you imparted with us. Thank you once again."

Zan, Los Angeles


"Your classes forced us to spend time with Ginger in a disciplined way. It created structure. The classes gave us a way to organize ourselves in relationship to Ginger. She learned to respond to our commands and we learned how to take more control of the situation. We had a lot of fun and learned a great deal. Thanks - it was great!

Judy Gordon, Los Angeles


"Thanks. We had fun and learned a lot!"

Josh and Denise Holloway, Los Angeles


"Thanks for your help and the information you have provided. I liked the classes very much."

Lucy Tseng, Los Angeles


"Keep up the wonderful classes. If we ever get another pet or need a refresher, we'll be sure to call. Thanks again for everything."

Karen Rodney, Los Angeles


"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Head Start Puppy Training Classes. They have been amazingly informative. Most importantly the classes have helped Penny fit into my household and started her well on her way to becoming an integrated part of my family....I will recommend your class to anyone within earshot. It was a pleasant and remarkable experience."

David Cruz, Los Angeles


"Just wanted to let you know how well our Silky terrier John Jay is doing, and to thank you for your help with him in your Head Start Puppy Class. Among other things you provided the opportunity for this very active pup to learn to stand still in class in proximity to other dogs. He radiates energy and goodwill toward people and we are delighted with him. Thanks for your help."

Sally Fried, Pacific Palisades


"Just a short note to let you know how greatly we appreciated attending your puppy training classes these past five weeks. Luca has made great strides towards becoming a well-behaved, obedient puppy through your classes. We now the the experience and fundemental knowledge to guide him down the path of maturity. It's been an enjoyable learning experience for all and we thank you for it! "

Cris and Brian Lowenthal, Los Angeles


"I was wondering if you could send me a picture of the graduation photo with Millie. We really enjoyed your classes. Thanks again.

Marci Varley, Los Angeles


"I liked the repetition. It helped to get me to do it over and over at home."

Suzanne Colby, Venice


"I actually didn't expect the socialization with the other dogs, that was great! I believe it helped everyone be more comfortable. I referred a few of my coworkers and friends to your classes."

Kisha Ziegler, Los Angeles


"It (your classes) was a very worthwhile experience. It fulfilled our hopes and expectations."

Holly and Harry Wiland, Venice


"I like the easy learning and the opportunity to socialize my dog. I'll recommend this class to friends."

Michael Mango, Los Angeles


"Your classes were a good start for me to continue my training of Teddy."

Martha Winderhalter, Los Angeles


"Thank you very much for you advice and great classes. We think Xena really benefited from being around the other dogs and she is responding well to the commands. We just wanted to get an idea of when we can make up class #5 at Mar Vista, so that we keep the date open. Again, thank you for all of your help, the class was great!!"

Steve and Kasey D'Amato, Marina Del Rey


"I really liked the socialization parts of the class to have Montana more comfortable around other people and dogs."

Rob Witt, Los Angeles


" I loved the interaction with the other dogs and owners. Tallulah was taught things I hadn't even though of as necessary but they have improved her overall behavior immensely."

Amanda Sobeck, Los Angeles


"I thought the classes were helpful in training my dog. The classes make sense."

Kathleen Tripp, Glendale


"Thanks for the photo, and for the expert advice. Ru has been neutered (what a change!!), and his behavior and manners continue to improve with each day ­ thanks to you. I will be getting a "pal" for Ru in the next few months, and will contact you again when the new guy is ready for puppy training. You're the best."

Linda Dominguez, Thousand Oaks


"I loved the class - it was really helpful!"

Mrs. N. Garland, Los Angeles


"I enjoyed the classes immensley. Thank you."

Stephanie Harges, Lakewood


"Thank you for sending the photograph. I certainly enjoyed your classes and can already see the benefits on Clippy."

Eduardo Subelman, Ph.D., Los Angeles


"Could you please e-mail me the class photo from January 2002? We both really enjoyed the class. Every time I go outside with her she jumps up to the car thinking we're heading to class. Thanks for your expertise in helping her to learn to be a well mannered dog."

Andrea Mraz, Belflower


"I am thoroughly enjoying your class and I am thrilled that our Great Dane Samantha is benefiting from the classes."

Nicole Stark, Venice


"Thanks very much for the Head Start for Captain. He enjoyed the class and I've seen great improvements in his behavior and I plan to continue to work with him in more crowded/public spaces so he will be used to distractions as an adult."

James Brenner, Los Angeles


"Thank you for everything. I really enjoyed your class and am looking forward to working more with Lucy after the class."

Lisa Vinnecour, Los Angeles


"Thank you for mailing Bailey's diploma to us. When you get a chance, can we get a picture of her class? Thanks again for your instruction and advice. We found your methods to be very helpful. We'll definitely recommend you to our friends/future dog owners!"

Chris Benigo, Los Angeles


"The classes were extremely helpful."

Priya Jayarant, Los Angeles


"Sebastian loved socialization with people and other dogs. He learned some good commands. Thanks!"

Laurie Foye, Marina Del Rey


"Thank you for the picture! We enjoyed taking the class very much and I think that Cassi got a lot out of it."

Lélia Maltzman, Los Angeles


"Everything was excellent; i.e. distracton training. Thanks!"

Gabe Elsner, Los Angeles


"I am grateful for this class. Lula has definitely benefited from it. Thank you!"

Bronwyn Swackhamer, Los Angeles


"I'm very happy that Leland was able to make the class. He spoke very excitedly about speaking to you (getting your "insightfull coaching"). He and Solo are progressing nicely. I went to an Orange Coast Ridgeback Club meeting with my breeder, I spoke highly of you, your website, and classes. People were pleased to hear Solo has begun his education so auspiciously. Thanks."

Alan Terry, Los Angeles


"Well organized and to the point. Thanks".

Karen MacFarland, Los Angeles


"It was a very nice and pleasant environment to bring Stuart to."

Nancy Woofe, Los Angeles


"I'm happy that we were able to join you for at least a couple of sessions which were extremely helpful. The rest is up to Dan & I in terms of being consistent and diligent with your recommendations. Thanks so much for all of your help,"

Amy Pesner, Los Angeles


"I would like to than you for the great classes. I and Moon had a great time teaching our Pocci following your instructions. I am sure our Pocci had a good time too."

Seung Bum Lee, Los Angeles


"I thought the classes were great ... I just have a tough one on my hands and need to spend more time with him. I thought the Stay and Go To Place were probably the most useful commands for our needs. I would recommend your classes to anyone."

Stuart Thompson, North Hollywood


"I liked the class the way it was presented. All the dogs were very different and was good exposure for my dog. I had taken one other class with Bella and the instructor used food as a signal. I liked the fact that your class did not. Bella responds better to me now. She even comes to me now, more than she did. I see a lot of owners frustrated with their pets when they can't get the pet to come to them when needed. Thanks again!

Pat Walker, Los Angeles


"We thought Kobe was so difficult that he would be very hard to train. But he got through your class a new dog. He can still be difficult but the foundation is now set. It's now up to us to reinforce what was learned for the rest of his life."

Mitch and Eula, Burbank


"Here's the photos from last Saturday's graduation class. Thank you for such an educational and fulfilling class; Chino really enjoyed himself and learned a lot! We'll keep up the practice and perhaps see you again! Thanks again."

Julie & Carlos Raphael, Glendale


"Really liked that the puppies (or rather the owners!) aren't graded and that they all pass! Also prefer physical positioning to choke chain method. Thanks!"

Rob and Janie Rutman, Manhatten Beach


"Your classes were very enjoyable and informative."

Nanette and Mary Cleo, Los Feliz


"Very greatly enjoyed the classes and very much enjoyed the informal class discussion."

Harold and Judy Pruett, Los Angeles


"Your comfort level with all aspects of their behavior is helpful and encourages understanding."

Terri Davis, Los Angeles


"Your optimism and patience is inspiring."

Alice Short, Los Angeles

"Thanks again for giving Utu and me invaluable behavioral training."

Charles Van Eessel, Santa Monica

"Lucy is a different dog since starting your classes."

Lisa Mesa, Culver City


"You were very helpful in helping with personal problems and giving us great techniques to try. Thank you."

Shannon Westveer, Westchester


"The class was always fun and upbeat while also effective."

Jean Farnsworth, Los Angeles


"Thank you so much for your classes. We greatly enjoyed your classes and have been diligent about putting your training techniques into practice. Suzanna heels, comes, stays and sits very well. The stand while staying command may take a little time. However, she is making excellent progress -- especially during her baths. Thank you again".

Reiko Joseph, Los Feliz


"The classes were great for socialization."

Sujie Ha, Los Angeles


"GiGi's behavior has greatly improve due to your classes."

James Wynne, Los Angeles


"Your expertise and advice have been very helpful. We have already recommended your class to others and will continue to do so in the future."

Chris and Cindy Graham, Venice


"Bugsy has improved so much. The training methods are easy to learn and implement at home."

Sabrina Bltak, Los Angeles


"It was a great experience we learned so much."

Nina Woolley, Los Angeles


"Good class - I liked the prescreening of the dogs."

Hope Boonshaft, Los Angeles


"The methods in the class let my dog learn and enjoy being productive in an environment with multiple distractions."

Maximillian Chow, Venice


"The class was well organized and well broken down. Dr. Polsky is a great teacher and very knowledgable."

Barbara Lodge, Los Angeles


"Your class was very helpful.. We practice the techniques daily and Rex has improved tremendously."

Byron Silviera, Los Angeles


"Thank you. We really enjoyed the class and feel it helped Bailey and us become better pet owners."

Cris and Alex Tysowsky, Marina Del Rey


"Great class - Great experience."

Rick Bourn, Los Angeles


"Daniel and I enjoyed our time in the class -- it went much too quickly."

Virginia Butler, Manhatten Beach


"George and I wanted to thank you again for helping start Rommel on his way to becoming a well-behaved dog! We really enjoyed the class! Naturally, we're continuing to practice with Rommel every day. Take care, and thanks again!"

Sydne Newberry, PhD, Santa Monica


"This is our fourth dog that you have trained. They all have been great dogs! With our next dog we will be back again. Thank you."

Lisa Kiser, Woodland Hills


"Thank you! Keely is a much happier dog."

Kimberly Garmac, Los Angeles


"Your expertise in animal behavior is helpful in class discissions and evident in the training techniques."

Jason Taylor, Los Angeles


"Very helpful, clear and effective techniques."

Renee Marquardt, Santa Monica


"I didn't think Comet would be able to ever get under any kind of control - we could not even walk her before the class - her improvement was a great surprise. Thank you. PS: This class was as much, or mabey even more helpful, for my six year old daughter as for Comet."

Paul and Gina Levine, Los Angeles


"Thanks again for a great class. Tara and I are really learning alot. We finally see what you mean when you say that the class is really more about training us than the dog."

Richard McGuire, Los Angeles


"We (and in the end, believe Kati did as well!) absolutely enjoyed attending the classes. We"ve recommended them to the folks at Tarzana Pet Clinic and friends. Thx for your help and counsel."

Hans and Joan Mehn, Tarzana


"Thank you so much for your instruction; there has been a noticeable difference already."

Susan Trudeau, Marina Del Rey


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