Los Angeles Puppy Training Classes & Canine Obedience Training School for Dogs

Animal Behavior Counseling Services, Inc.

2288 Manning Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90064
Established 1981

Instructor: Richard Polsky, Ph.D., CAAB.

Class dog lessons on Saturdays in West Los Angeles - Mar Vista Park & Palms Park

Low-cost training options

Try-out session. $79.
This one-time option allows you to partake in one (1) class session with no obligation to continue! This might be appropriate for some owners to wish to try out the class before making a commitment. If an owner subsequently elects to enroll in the program, then the private session will be given prior to their return to the classes. Call Dr. Polsky for details and to make the necessary arrangements.

Basic enrollment. $349. Class enrollment plus 45 min. private session prior to start of classes. This option suffices and works well for most puppy owners. It consists of the individual registration /training session followed by 3 group training and socialization sessions - plus additional sessions, if neeeded, at a reduced rate ($39/session) when the next series of classes start (approximately every four weeks). This is a tremendous value considering the quality and benefits of Dr. Polsky's program.

Enhanced enrollment. $439.
Basic enrollment with extended private session. This option offers a comprehensive private training and behavioral counseling session in office of Dr. Polsky prior to your entry into the start of the classes. The private session lasts approximately 2 hrs. This option is absolutely required if you have a puppy with a non-typical puppy behavioral problem (e.g. aggressive biting that is not play-related; separation anxiety; difficult to housetrain). Non-typical puppy behavioral problems such as these are not addressed in the class. They require intervention on an individual basis before the problem becomes habit. If you are unsure that your puppy has a "non-typical puppy behavioral problem", please phone Dr. Polsky to discuss this option before enrolling in the program.



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