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Linq to sql group by multiple columns

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  1. Molkis
    Molkis1 year ago

    We're talking about the coveting thing, FR. If we can't agree on one of them, then what good are the other 612? Moses didn't bring a chisel with him when he went up to Mt. Sinai. According to the story, the God character actually wrote these things, Himself. None of the other 603 rules and regs have that kind of provenance.

  2. Vizahn
    Vizahn1 year ago

    Then God has every right to judge you which rather closes in a neat circular way your argument.

  3. Linq to sql group by multiple columns
    Groktilar1 year ago

    OOooo, "mysteriously died." How many is this now the Clinton's have murdered you conspiracy nuts believe? 40-50 is it??

  4. Linq to sql group by multiple columns
    Nikotilar1 year ago

    And any nimrod can get a Phd from Stanford

  5. Teshura
    Teshura1 year ago

    Come on: if someone needs evidence to support their faith, is no longer an exercise in faith!

  6. Знакомства
    Groll1 year ago

    There in lies the fundamental understanding of humanity and the difference in our opinion. I believe that we are all sinners born into this world capable of sin. I have five kids and every single one was sinning with self ambitions within the first 6 months. This is the inherent nature of humanity. I would assume that you believe children are innocent until an age you determine they are responsible for their own actions? These diametrically opposed foundations set us on a path to disagree.

  7. Mezirr
    Mezirr1 year ago

    I don't recall businesses being destroyed lives being destroyed and cities being burned down do you do you remember any riots in the streets by conservatives? I don't

  8. Zulur
    Zulur1 year ago

    Inquisitions? There are a laundry list of christians abusing anything and everything in their path. I can work backwards from the most despicable child abuse scandal in history and the church's feeble and criminal response and cover-up. Look up the wretched and diabolical abuse by Cardinal Bernard Law who fled the U.S. in the middle of the night for cover and protection of the Vatican who then Grace's this criminal with a promotion to the college of Cardinals only to vote for the current pope. The church has always been a source of patriarchical, authoratarian evil no different than any other religious cult.

  9. Знакомства
    Taule1 year ago

    He doesn't look very happy.

  10. Nikozuru
    Nikozuru1 year ago

    The CIA is really smart. Don't you think if torture didn't work, the CIA would have figured that out and wouldn't use it anymore? Obviously, torture does work. Why don't you think this woman should be in charge. She meets and exceeds the expectations of the job description.

  11. Linq to sql group by multiple columns
    Keran1 year ago

    I'd imagine the vast majority of males back then treated women as second-class citizens. Not just Paul, not just Timothy. It was 2,000 years ago.

  12. Знакомства
    Gall1 year ago

    Redford was a Liberal pretending to be a PC.

  13. Linq to sql group by multiple columns
    Gara1 year ago

    YOU have no clue. Plain and simple. The Muslims believe in the gawd of the buybull. They even accept Jeebus as a prophet, but not a Lawd and Sabior. They also use the OT along with the Quran. How little you know.

  14. Faumi
    Faumi1 year ago

    Everybody loses trade wars. There are no winners.

  15. Знакомства
    Tujinn1 year ago

    " find extremely well paying work in the tech industry. Hell, I feel like the last time I visited Seattle "

  16. Yozshuran
    Yozshuran1 year ago

    They didn't though. The evidence doesn't show anything close to that nonsense.

  17. JoJoll
    JoJoll1 year ago

    According to whom? They didnt kill antifa with a car!

  18. Linq to sql group by multiple columns
    Tegul1 year ago

    In plain English, are you saying you think empirical proof should be a prerequisite for belief in God?

  19. Kajirg
    Kajirg1 year ago

    And yet you are okay with these kids parents putting them there.

  20. Linq to sql group by multiple columns
    Monos11 months ago

    I didn?t ask for it to be explained. I asked if he would like to make an argument.

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