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"LOL, appreciate the support. I have never said that homosexuality was not a sin. But I am flabbergast at the rejection we experienced as a family, just because my son admitted that he was same sex attracted. Sin is sin. Regardless as to how it manifests. I can barely tolerate the self righteous "christians" who assume my son is active. Thank you for your post, Heyo! ???????"

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She was a bit plump and was the last one to agree to this in the first place. I leaned closer, and saw it was a skeleton of a small snake.

I never said I was going to do the dishes. "You can shove that right back pidks your ass. " We left the bookstore and I followed him in his car down the street to a mexican restaurant. Her eyes were tightly shut and doctod breathing ragged when I managed to attach my lips to her bouncing breast and suck it.

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  1. JoJokora
    JoJokora1 year ago

    Trump is ending unfair trade deals. His methods may be unorthodox for professional politicians but he is getting results.

  2. Знакомства
    Bakasa1 year ago

    This dude is such an asshole.

  3. Знакомства
    Nikorn1 year ago

    Use of all caps is an indicator of a weak argument by someone who is lacking the ability to express himself.

  4. Tocage
    Tocage1 year ago

    in order for a democracy to work, you need representation from all sides

  5. Shaktikora
    Shaktikora1 year ago

    better - God's Amazing Facts!

  6. Mizil
    Mizil1 year ago

    That would appear to incorrect. People die for wrong ideas all the time. Or, are you saying that the Heaven's Gate was correct about it's aliens hiding behind comets?

  7. Toramar
    Toramar1 year ago

    Even as a christian I never understood how Jesus' death saved us.

  8. Video doctor picks his vagina
    Kijas1 year ago

    Surely not ..... The children killer will be punished as much as they deserve .. especially when they lie on Him that He told them to kill suckiling babies like the zionists do

  9. Duran
    Duran1 year ago

    Baloney. Every single physically existing thing that exists is a function of the big bang, and of the undifferentiated material, the singularity, that appeared immediately after that, with not a thing in existence that is not directly a function of that. Correct?

  10. Kekree
    Kekree1 year ago

    This is probably just a ploy to get Kim out in the open.

  11. Mejind
    Mejind1 year ago

    Since when does this have anything to do with consent?

  12. Gojin
    Gojin1 year ago

    You know, up until that point I was going to comment on the fact that of all the boards I read, this is probably the most civil, most well argued (by both sides) post on this topic, where either side actually seems interested in developing a greater understanding of the other. It's remarkably rare, really.

  13. Minris
    Minris1 year ago

    Let?s make Trudeau next!

  14. Video doctor picks his vagina
    Fera1 year ago

    You started it with Muslim whataboutism .

  15. Знакомства
    Mogal1 year ago

    I personally hope to be on the Ark for what is coming. Will you board?

  16. Meztijinn
    Meztijinn1 year ago

    One advantage of not being a Christian is NOT having to turn the other cheek. Not that any Christian I know actually would let you smack them a second time without some kind of stern oppositional action.

  17. Mikall
    Mikall1 year ago

    You haven't seen God, either. She told me.

  18. Video doctor picks his vagina
    Muzuru1 year ago

    Translation: THAT is a BINGO!!!

  19. Video doctor picks his vagina
    Tulabar1 year ago

    Overall, it is a victory for religious liberty.

  20. Знакомства
    Mazuru1 year ago

    Exactly. Because the one time they drop their guard and don't assume this person is a coward asshole .........BOOM.

  21. Kagagor
    Kagagor1 year ago

    A single worker or soldier ant is akin to a single part of your body, many parts are not necessary for us to live.

  22. Знакомства
    Kigak1 year ago

    That's an easy one. It's a public safety issue and it freaks people out. Try walking into a bank with a mask on and see what happens. The reality is that there is no such thing as complete freedom of choice or action. It's always been a trade off between the collective good and the rights of the individual. This is frankly as it should be. My rights end where my fist meets your nose.

  23. Знакомства
    Kejind1 year ago

    Rejecting God implies God has given me directly something to reject. I reject all writings of men and words of men who claim to have information from God.

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