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Brother and older sisters milfzr

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"90% of everything is BS. That's not original with me. But some things are knowable, and it's usually not that difficult to learn what they are."

Erin Electra -Live! 8-10-2015

" My words seemed to awaken her sense of propriety as she realized the precarious location we were in. i had my hand also on her nipple. If I ever wore this out in public though I knew I would need something under it probably a nice black thong.

Erin Electra -Live! 8-10-2015

There was a slight bulge on her chest (maybe she was an A or B-cup). Did you go to Baldi Middle School.

"Come on Brandon, you've never been scared to discuss anything with me, to my knowledge anyway. "Shit," I shouted, glancing down at my now cut up knuckles. Then headed back down the hall.

Then some text appeared on the screen: "Watch until the end for a REAL surprise". Mikey was dumbfounded and didn't know what was going on. Ed sucked harder, and I could feel his tongue swirling around the head, and I began to murmur that it felt good.

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  1. Brother and older sisters milfzr
    Voodooll1 year ago

    "Satan's riposte was to create priests and preachers.", where the hell (not that I believe in hell) did you get that from?

  2. Nizil
    Nizil1 year ago

    Really? Fascinating. Post links to these videos and prove me wrong.

  3. Saramar
    Saramar1 year ago

    Ugh my heart was skipping reading this story worrying it would come out in a far worse outcome. I have a little dog too. He's about 16-18lbs normally, and while he is really friendly, he's a people dog not other dogs. There was an incident I experienced either last Christmas or the one before that where I was walking my dog in my parents' neighborhood. There are a lot of dog owners here with general good manners. [Everyone mostly picks up after their dog and if they have a dog that is rowdy or notice another dog beginning to get active ie barking excitedly etc they move to the other sidewalk]. This pitbull -- nothing against pits by the way, but this one was young and untrained -- was free leashing and it came running up to my dog which startled mine. Then it was barking at it and very aggressively trying to play or what have you. My dog wasn't having it and so I had to scoop mine up and the pitbull was trying to scale me to get to my dog. In the scuffle, my hand got injured -- probably from a deep scratch. I certainly did cuss the owner out in the heat of the moment lmao. I know that's not on topic per say but as for the dog park...

  4. Brother and older sisters milfzr
    Malakasa1 year ago

    First and foremost, I'm curious as to how the Bible could be portrayed as "all horror". Full disclosure, I am a Christian, but that means I've studied up. One of the biggest points of misunderstanding about the Bible comes from when people point out old levitical laws and say "look, it says this really harsh and violent thing!", but what people often overlook is that the Old Testament laws were replaced when Jesus came. If something is to be objectively true, then you can't just pick and choose what is true with it. I'd be happy to try and answer some questions people have about the Bible though. What do you guys think?

  5. Brother and older sisters milfzr
    Mauzshura1 year ago

    Deworming from parasites is always stupid - from parasites' perspective.

  6. Vozuru
    Vozuru1 year ago

    Just like obama did.. divided the country.

  7. Totaxe
    Totaxe1 year ago

    Now, maybe you can see why the Southern Wall is needed.

  8. Brother and older sisters milfzr
    Meztirn1 year ago

    Yes, although I do understand that if it made her uncomfortable she may have been uncomfortable speaking to him directly as well. [Although she could've just wrote him an email or something.]

  9. Знакомства
    Nakus1 year ago

    that is how i learned it too

  10. Знакомства
    Doulkree1 year ago

    refusing to share a toy as a child makes us inherently bad? Give me a break

  11. Brother and older sisters milfzr
    Tuzahn1 year ago

    I would give ummm my leftie to get one of her concert tickets.

  12. Знакомства
    Talabar11 months ago

    Having faith in Jesus Christ in itself isn't a cult. He's very real and someday all the non believers will see how real He is. However, what the poster described in the post about how that church was is definitely a cult.

  13. Знакомства
    Tojagor11 months ago

    I agreed with your first line.

  14. Знакомства
    Zulumi11 months ago

    so you think the Earth is 6000 years old????

  15. Brother and older sisters milfzr
    Kagarisar11 months ago

    "Most accept that there was a real person but deny the miracles"

  16. Brother and older sisters milfzr
    Mulabar11 months ago

    How many Christians are presently killing others inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

  17. Знакомства
    Vudojora11 months ago

    Nope. ?? ??

  18. Kajirisar
    Kajirisar11 months ago

    "The United States was NOT founded as a Christian nation. John Adams made this quite clear in his Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11:

  19. Faeramar
    Faeramar10 months ago

    Apologies, after rereading your comment I completely misinterpreted you. I try to avoid rigid idealogues that populate here.

  20. Brother and older sisters milfzr
    Shaktimuro10 months ago

    I tend to agree

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